Fittings and accesories

Our windows are equipped with fittings produced by the leading manufacturer - Maco company.

Characteristic features of our fittings are as follows:


Sash lifter

With our sash lifter your windows will operate smoothly and safely. Integrated handle lock eliminates operational errors. It is factory mounted on the casement bolt.

Adjustable tenons

Special geometry of tenons ensure varied adjustment options.

  • Standard adjustment 45o
  • Lightly tightened
  • Firmly tightened

Adjustable “Trend” hinge

  • It does not stick out behind the lower edge of the sash.
  • Adjustable in three directions.
  • May be fitted both on the right and on the left side.

Adjustable window restrictors and hinges

  • Multiple adjustment options for lifting and lowering the sashes.
  • Adjustable pressure.

Tilt horizontal closing device

Standard anti-burglary device. Protection against levering a half-open window.

Intelligent security

Currently we favour the most modern bolting system providing protection against “intelligent” housebreakers.

S - tenons are automatically adjusted to notch clearance.

Casement bolt of movable mullion in double-sash windows

Few elements. Easy to operate thanks to the casement bolt’s lever. Simultaneously bolts lower and upper part of the window. Handles and escutcheons.

Wide selection of shapes and colours will add unique style to your windows. Colours of escutcheons correspond to MACO window handles.

Restrictor device of the opening movement

The opening movement restrictor protects against accidental window-sash latching. Maximum width may be individually adjusted. We also provide restrictors with a break and restrictors controlled by a knob.

Multi-vent tilt restrictor for PVC windows

One of additional micro-ventilation devices letting the air through the corner of a window. Adjustment is carried out through a 45 handle.