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European windows eurosystem

European windows   European windows

Scandinavian windows

Scandinavian windows   Scandinavian windows

English wooden windows, sash, casement

English wooden windows, sash, casement   English wooden windows, sash, casement

Roof windows

Roof windows


Wooden windows are an effective combination of aesthetic look of the natural raw material with modern construction solutions that provide high thermal and acoustic efficiency.

Careful choice of timber, as well as special techniques of drying and seasoning of wood gives you warranty that you get the windows with the highest parameters.

The technology in IV 68 and IV 78 standard made with “Euro-groove” allows for use of point locking gearlike MACO, which gives opportunity to make side-hung or tilt and turn  sash with microventilation.Within this technology we make standard windows, arched windows and trapezoid. entrance doors, sliding doors PSK and HST, folding doors.

 It is the standard system for windows opening inwards dedicated on European market. Those products covered with body colour paints(acc to RAL or NCS) are painted three times and additionally impregnated. There is also ability to use azure paint called transparent, the aim of those is to highlight the structure of wood.

 Additional element can be aluminum overlay, used outside and painted in any color; their aim is to look aesthetically and to prolong the window long-life, even for 30 years, which lowers the costs of preservation.




Wooden windows in Scandinavian System is an alternative for windows opened inwards.  It is  typical window frames system, often with furing used in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark; it is a good solution for the conditions there. Completely different construction allows to achieve higher tightness parameters and other interesting opening functions. Scandinavian windows usually are opened outward, which allows to use the inside space around the window.

 Made with fittings of companies like SPILKA, IPA, ASSA ABLOY. Within this system it can be top swing (with a restrictor), opening outward (with hooks or handle-side hung), fests, balcony doors. Doors and windows are made with pinewood  stuck in layers; optional- meranti wood. The most common method of painting is RAL 9010 paint that mirrors the traditional colour used in Scandinavia.

 Swedish type windows are produced also in wood and aluminum (ALUCLADS)  system. In this case, the aluminum cover preserves wooden sash and frame from the outside; thanks to that, after many years they still look like new. It is a solution for everyone whose windows are exposed to harmful effects of atmospheric factors such as the sun and sea climate. ALUCLADS gives greater opportunity for glass use, e.g. three pane and four pane glass unit.